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The Viscofan Group’s leadership is underpinned by the differential value of know-how and commitment of all employees. It employed a total of 4,748 individuals at year end, including the personnel of Supralon, which makes up a team of competitive, multicultural, growing, trained, qualified professionals, and who despite their cultural differences, share solid common values and ethical principles.

The Group’s average workforce increased in 2017, a rise chiefly attributable to Viscofan’s hiring of additional personnel to enhance the service levels required in our global leadership. In 2017 the net increase in average headcount was 191 people to 4,554 people, growing by 4.4% compared with 2016, mainly due to new hiring of personnel for the new plant in Cáseda (Spain), and to increased productivity in China (for collagen casings) and Serbia (for large-calibre collagen casings) and the incorporation of the average workforce of Supralon.

At the end of 2017, 92% of the Group’s employees had open-ended contracts.. 

The average age of the staff is 41 years old. Of the total employees, 34% are under the age of 35, 17% are between the ages of 35 and 40, 23% are between the ages of 41 and 50, 12% are between the ages of 51 and 55, 9% are between the ages of 56 and 60, and 5% are over the age of 60.

Continuous communication with the employees


Employees are a fundamental part of the MORE TO BE Strategic Plan. Thus, their know-how, commitment, constantly evolving work and improvement are a clear competitive advantage for the Group.

In a year of growth in staff members due to the projects that have been carried out, we should note an increase by average earnings per employee with €170.9 thousand in 2017 against €167.5 thousand in 2016.


Viscofan is made up of a group of people who spread widely over the different countries in which the company has a strategic presence - Spain, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, United States, France, Mexico, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Thailand and Uruguay, which represents a rich and complex multicultural environment and also presents a challenge and an opportunity for international development for Group’s employees.

In fact, there are numerous projects to transfer knowledge between the different production plants, and to develop specific global training seminars for the employees. The Group’s international nature is reflected in the 16 countries where Viscofan is present.

International mobility is constant in Viscofan. An example of this is that in 2017 an average of 32 employees participated in international projects as long-term expatriates. The vast variety of nationalities both at origin and destination is the result of an internationalisation strategy and initiatives to reinforce international mobility and transfer best practices through benchmarking from the group to all its subsidiaries.

Our status as global company makes the volume of frequent and occasional travellers very high, and consequently one of the objectives of Viscofan is to promote a greater level of safety in such movements. To achieve this, there are “Risk Reports” from those countries where we are present, at the production or commercial subsidiary level, which include recommendations, emergency telephones, directory of medical facilities, etc. 


The Viscofan Group, via the Human Resources departments of its various subsidiaries, promotes personal development through initiatives that enhance knowledge management and enable employees’ skills to be harnessed with a view to achieving the Group’s objectives. Training is a primordial goal within the Group for its personnel. Training is continuous, thereby boosting personal and professional development. With this aim, the Human Resources team managed more than 136,800 training hours. For this commitment to human capital training, the company has invested about €2,382 thousand, of which €619 thousand correspond to training and explicit awareness in the areas of safety and health, and €2,229 thousand to the improvement of current performance and to incentivise the professional career of employees. 

Within the training plan, some of the issues that have been addressed in connection with Human Rights are: the use of gender-neutral language, corporate social responsibility, gender equality and sexual harassment for a total of 337 hours. 

The Group also fosters participation in the main universities of the countries where it develops its activity. With the aim of attracting and developing talent, the group has managed 39 internship and fellowship processes, with over 38,500 hours of work training.

This collaboration was recognised and Viscofan received in 2017 the University-Enterprise Award, granted by the Red Española de Fundaciones Universidad Empresa (REDFUE).

The purpose of the Viscofan Group is to forward development of a personal high-performing culture and evaluate the established objectives through a performance assessment process. 

In particular, performance assessment is a process of planning, monitoring and evaluating the objectives that are defined by each person responsible with each member of their team. This methodology improves the professional capacity of each person and aligns individual expectations with objectives. 

In 2017, 27% of the Group’s staff was subject to a performance assessment process. 


In a growing team, the policy on staff selection and recruitment is key to ensure Viscofan’s continuity in leadership. In this sense, development and recognition of the Viscofan Group’s staff is being stepped up by listing the company’s job vacancies in internal information channels and the intranet.

In 2017, the attraction talent strategy was consolidated through international management tools for selection, hiring, internal mobility and expatriation processes. In this way, throughout the third year of operation of the job site available on the official website and corporate Linkedin profile, we received over 1,500 CVs, and we therefore have more than 11,000 candidates in our data bases who are interested in becoming part of the Viscofan Group.

Within the aim of improving the attraction talent strategy, we have updated the search and recruitment tools of candidates, associated with Viscofan’s website, which will be completed with a new module of vacancy selection and management. The number of followers in our corporate Linkedin profile is now about 4,571, representing an increase of 28% compared to 2016.

The industrial nature of the group needs to combine a great number of labourers with specialised staff. This is an increasingly demanding and global industry in terms of requirements, which requires greater knowledge and expertise. To face this challenge, the Group invests in staff know-how, added to the continuous training effort carried out for current staff.



In order to inform employees on general and specific news of the Group in different areas, and to obtain their opinion on various matters, Viscofan provides employees with different information channels:

1) Employee’s Channel. In this section, Viscofan’s intranet allows direct and useful communication with employees, including information on new working opportunities within the Group.

2) News in the intranet (Vinsite). The group periodically publishes the past appointments, organisational changes, strategic projects, launching of new products, financial results of the Group, contests, etc.

3) “Vis a Vis”, in-house magazine for employees. Viscofan edits and publishes biannually an in-house magazine in the main languages of the group (Spanish, English, Chinese, Czech, Serbian, German and Portuguese). Employees can find different content, such as a letter from the CEO, interviews to employees, articles on meetings and seminars, stories on corporate teams, etc.

4) Viscofan Opinion Survey. Study on the work environment in Viscofan, both in Spain and in the other subsidiaries. Direct opinion of employees on different matters such as work organisation, content of the job or corporate image is obtained by means of this survey. The following edition of the Viscofan Opinion Survey is scheduled for 2018.

5) Meetings and presentations. Different departmental meetings and corporate management presentations to the rest of the staff take place during the year. Development of these activities as a cohesive element within the multinational group has requested the incorporation of follow-up KRI, to record the total number of intercompany and interdepartmental meetings each year.


Work environments must allow our employees to develop and give their very best, regardless of their race, ethnic background, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion or nationality, etc.

Within this subject, the 2016-2019 II Equality Plan is being executed in Viscofan S.A. The objective, as with I Plan, is to propose improvements and establish equality and work-life balance objectives within the company. Through the GEW (Gender Equality in the Workplace) process, the plan has centred on four main areas: leadership; policy and strategy; people; and process management and relationship with the environment; so that a specific action plan is in place for each through to 2019.

The Viscofan Group has created a Corporate Equality Committee, reporting to the Appointments and Remuneration Committee, which analyzes opportunities and monitors initiatives to facilitate balance between the professional activity and the family. This Committee met on 2 occasions in 2017.

Increase women’s employability in an industrial sector which has traditionally employed manpower is one of Viscofan’s equality objectives.


Corporate workplace safety policies are the responsibility of the EHS department, working in close partnership with the corporate and local Human Resources departments. In this sense, measures and investments continue to be implemented to improve working conditions. In addition, the Viscofan Group works to obtain reliable and consistent indicators to measure and compare performance in the various countries in which the Group operates, in this way extending best health and safety practices to its production centres.

Viscofan considers that accidents may be prevented, and that is why not only does the Group work to have safer facilities but to make all staff aware of the importance of attitude in relation to safety. The Viscofan Group still makes huge efforts to standardize its procedures while also communicating its policies throughout the companies using specific courses and informational materials, available to employees at their areas of work.

In order to carry out these initiatives, the Group has the EHS policy, approved by the Board of Directors, pointing out the following relevant guidelines with regard to workplace safety:

 ● Provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace. 

 ● Identify and comply with applicable legislation and regulation in terms of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) in each of the locations where the Group operates, and any other voluntarily-acquired commitments of Viscofan to improve these areas. 

 ● Ensure that management, employees and all staff working for the organisation (or on its behalf) are aware of this policy and are trained, according to their responsibilities, to comply with it. 

 ● Set indicators to assess the evolution of our performance in these areas. 

 ● Promote a culture of continuous improvement in EHS, defining objectives and implementing corporate standards. 

 ● Develop a cooperation relationship with stakeholders, so as to enable open and objective dialogue and help ease joint responsibility on these issues.

The indicator of hours lost per accident or occupational disease is linked again to management’s variable retribution. This year the percentage was 0.37% against 0.34% in 2016, with a total of 31,228 lost hours. This evolution is quite significant taking into account the huge construction works associated to the capital expenditure in Spain.

Training in accident prevention and in the importance of safe behaviour patterns is one of the cornerstones of health protection of our employees. In 2017 we had over 29,530 hours of safety and prevention training, representing an increase of 3,230 hours on this training compared to the previous year. This training includes basic prevention measures that have to be adopted in the workplace, or the importance of day-to-day hearthealthy habits, the role of middle-level management and the improvement of safety leadership. It must be noted as well that in 2017 no deaths resulted from accidents at work, as in the preceding year.

At the same time, the importance attached by the Viscofan Group to work safety is reflected by the inclusion of OHSAS 18.001 certificate to all its manufacturing plants, within the proposed objectives for MORE TO BE 2016-2020. In 2017 the plants of Uruguay, China, Mexico, Serbia and Brazil certified their safety and health management system according to standard OHSAS 18.001. 

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